IMK x Corne

IMK Corne - Build Guide

Corne Space Cadet

Step 0 - Check Components


Component Quantity
CNC Corne Case 1 pair
Acrylic Bottom Covers 1 pair
OLED Acrylic Covers 4 pieces
Silver PCB Standoffs 10 pieces
Silver M2 Screws 24 pieces
Rubber O-Rings* 16 pieces
Short M3 Tenting Screws* 4 pieces
Long M3 Tenting Screws* 4 pieces
M3 Hex Nuts* 4 pieces
M3 Joining Screws* 8 pieces
Long M3 Tenting Leg Standoffs* 2 pieces
Short M3 Tenting Leg Standoffs* 2 pieces
Knurled M3 Tenting Leg Standoffs* 4 pieces
Nylon O-Ring Spacers* 4 pieces
Thumb Tightening Nuts* 8 pieces
Transparent Adhsive Silicone Bumper Feets 8 pieces
  • These components are for tenting model only. If you ordered non-tenting, then your kit will not have these items.

  • Please check and make sure you have all the components as listed above. We have provided extras to your proxy in case you are missing or misplaced any components.

Step 1 - Install PCB Standoffs

Install PCB Standoffs

Install the ten PCB Standoffs as shown.

Step 2 - Install OLED Cover Standoffs

Corne PCB

Pull out your completed Corne PCB.

Install OLED Cover Standoffs

Install the taller silver OLED Cover Standoffs onto the Corne PCB as shown above.

Step 3 - Install PCB into CNC Case

Install PCB

Insert the PCB underneath the CNC Case and use switches to hold the PCB in place around the four corners.

Add switches

Once you have secured the PCB, continue to insert the rest of the switches in place. Take care not to bend the switch pins as you insert them. If you do, then remove the switch, bend the pins back straight and try again.

Bottom view of installed PCB

The bottom should look like this.

Step 4 - Install Acrylic Covers

Install OLED Covers

Install the acrylic OLED covers as shown.

Install Bottom Covers

Then install the bottom acrylic covers.

Step 5 - Install M3 Tenting Screws

Prepare tenting screws

Add rubber o-rings to each of the M3 tenting screws (both long and short).

Place tenting screws onto case

Place the tenting screws as illustrated.

Sandwich tenting screws with rubber o-rings

Next, add a second rubber o-ring to be bottom of each of the eight tenting screws. This will add an extra layer of shock absorption as you type. Feel free to remove the rubber o-rings based on your preference.

Add hex nuts

Secure the four inner tenting screws with the hex nuts. This will allow you to remove the tenting legs for travel while keeping the tenting screws in place.

Add thumb nuts

Finally, secure the four outter tenting screws with the thumb tightening nuts.

Step 6 - Assemble tenting legs

Join together tenting leg components image 1

We will be creating two longer and two shorter tenting legs. You can fine tune and adjust to your liking by adding / removing / swapping segments.

Join together tenting leg components image 2

Join each of the pieces together using the joining screws.

Join together tenting leg components image 3

The default configuration used by @imkulio looks like this.

Step 7 - Add keycaps and install tenting legs

Finished IMK Corne Build

Lastly, add keycaps, then put on tenting legs and enjoy!

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